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 So I got up and started my morning routine. I hopped in the shower and I was washing up when I started snapping my fingers. I then brought my hands up to my face and kept snapping them, and I watched them curiously, trying to figure out how the sound is actually made.
I must have zoned out, because when I got out of the shower, 30 minutes had passed. :/

Its gonna be one of those days I suppose...

Is it wrong for me to be here?
wtf fox
I work for a security company that handles security contracts in Northern Alberta, many of which are with oil sands and oil steam extraction projects.

Now I don't know as much about steam extraction as I do with strip mining with the oil sands, and I know that strip mining can be devestating to the enviroment.

Something I have thought about ever since I came up here: is it wrong for me to be here?
I love nature, the outdoors and wildlife, and knowing somewhat about the dangers of oil extraction poses to the enviroment, can I condone working to secure a facility that does just that?

I happen to work at a Steam Extraction facility, which apparently is a more eco-friendly way of doing things, but I'm not convinced, because I don't know much about it. However I would flat out refuse to work at an Oil Sands project, just for the fact of how damaging it can be.

Trying to find unbiased info regarding both types of extraction methods is rather hard. The enviromentalists are so against it, that all they do is blast the companies, and the companies want to keep making their money, and will do whatever it takes to keep things running. So while both may have good points, they are too busy trying to prove their points that its hard for just the cold hard facts to show themselves.

Just the other day on the radio, some big shot with the government who works with an agency to inspect and regulate all the oil projects in the region said that Northern Alberta's carbon emmissions contribute about 2% to the worlds carbon emmissions.

I have been trying to find the research behind this statement, and the report to which it was stated in. So far, I've found nothing.

The point is, I don't trust both sides with what they say. And this is something I'm glad about with my job. It puts me on the front, to see with my own eyes what is going on up here.

Now granted, I still don't know much about the facility I'm working at. There are many area's I'm not to go, nor anyone else without the proper documentation. But I hear a lot of things from the workers as they pass in through the gates.

I'm learning so much about the industry up here, which I think is a good thing. Most people read an article about it, choose a side and then defend that side without reading followup articles or the research behind the articles.

I'm not defending the oil companies here, all I am saying is that I think knowledge is key and also maybe even not taking a side, but creating your own. Not just saying you hate them because you love nature.

People often refuse to realize that envioromentalists and oil companies are two sides of the same coin. If the oil companies just shut down over night, our society would collapse. Think about it! And if the enviromentalists weren't there, then there is a good chance that the oil companies would completely destroy the areas they are in within a matter of years. This is not a black and white issue. This issue is a rainbow issue. Its a very complicated, and complex issue that one can't simply say "Shut it down".

I've met so many people who want the industry shut down. That say it is disgusting and is the face of all that is our horrible nature. Then they get into they're car and drive home and turn up the heat, which is provided from natural gas.
I have to admire their passion, but people like that need to wake up. Its not just the oil companies, its all of us. They wouldn't be making money without us! We demand it, and they provide.

"Oh, but I drive a hybrid!"

Well don't get too uppity on that, as there are serious debates regarding hybrids. (I'm just saying, don't be convinced because  people on TV said it was good. Do some research!) (And also, with driving a hybrid, your still part of the demand for petroleum product.)

I'm not above this, I drive an in line 6 4.0L Jeep Wrangler for F sake. The fuel economy isn't that bad, but its not that good either. However I bought it because I actually put it to use, not because I think it looks cool. (But I do happen to think it looks pretty badass! :3)

You've got these people buying 4x4 capable vehicles that will NEVER see a dirt road. You know the ones I'm talking about. Those Four Door Rubicons and your H3's ussually blasting evacuate the dancefloor and various 50 cent garbage. Sure they are powerful, and can go almost anywhere, but when in their right mind would they ever take a $40,000 - $70,000 vehicle on a dirt road? They bought it because they are high rolling, straight up O.G, P.I.M.P, gangsta wannabe's, and they couldn't afford the ridiculous Lambo, so they went with something more within their price range, and by pricerange, I mean however much the could talk the bank into loaning to them.

Side note:
Jeeps and Hummers are supposed to be rugged, scratched, dented, beastly and will only be complete with a bullet hole or two. Other wise its just a barbie jeep.
End note.

Back on topic, people need to know more about what they are are talking about, and this job is giving me a great opportunity to learn what its like up here and the effect that its having on the area.

Unexpectedly, the place is kind of beautiful. Though its kind of a bitter sweet thing. At night, the flare stacks on the horizon light up the sky, and the occasional one is burning a brilliant blue (Caused from burning H2S). An owl sits in a tree just of the road, and wolves can be heard howling in the distance. But then you come to your senses and the flare stacks become ugly once again, and you realize that its almost as if the natural world is at war with industrialized civilization.

Thats one of the things I feel so conflicted about with working for quote un quote "the man".

This job does present real great opportunities for me. As said before, I'm learning and seeing this first hand. And when the days become longer, I will be able to see more of whats up here.

I've heard wolves howl, found fox dens and saw the northern lights for the first time in my life just last night. I wouldn't have if I didn't have this job. 
When the warmer weather returns, I'll be driving up here to work, but making a roadtrip out of it so I can see the places leading to and around Fort Mac. I'll probably leave 6 days in advance so I can make some stops in the interior and the rockies, as well as check out some of Alberta's Northern Wilderness. Also going to take ass loads of pictures.
So this job may suck, but it gives me a chance to do things I never would have been able to.

Though the money is good, life isn't about money. When I am out of debt, I will be returning to my humble job as a Park Ranger while I go to school. The pay is pretty bad as a Ranger, but the job is by far one of the greatest I've ever worked, and I would be happy, which is reason enough to do it. :3

When it comes down to it, the thing to remember is that we are all part of the problem when it comes to oil, and we can all be part of a solution. Do some research, and find out where your gas stations get their fuel. There are some gas stations that refuse to buy oil from any oil sands projects. Go online and learn about whats going on up here. There are many forums and orginizations that you can join and take an active part in reducing oil sands projects. Theres so much you can do if you look. :3

So is it wrong for me to be here? No, I don't think so. I think I am taking much more out then I am putting in, and am gaining valuable knowledge and the opportunity to see wildlife and nature in a completely different province.

Though I don't want to be here forever...

Thanks for reading my rant. :3


Happy Singles Awareness Day!
Ah yes, Valentines day. A day where lovers get together and the whole world seems to want to shove it the faces of all who are single.

Now, speaking as a single guy, I don't really hate Valentines Day. Afterall like many other things in todays world, its lost its meaning to pretty much everyone. The word love itself is a hallmark greeting that might as well mean "Pass the salt."

I did hate this holiday in the past, just because many of my previous girlfriends had chosen to break it off right before Valentines Day. But I have since realised that this day is just another day unless you have someone you truely love to share it with.

Love is a complicated thing, and I would not presume to know everything about love, and those who claim to only think they do. Love is as complex as developong a hyperdrive that powers itself completly on nachos.

Today, love is described with long, pretty and even abstract words that nobody knows, and everyone who is in love believes in a sort of ignorant  self truth that no one feels what they share.

Two against the world is a romantic concept indeed, and although many try to apply this to their relationship, I think its a rather unhealthy concept that could place distance between lovers and friends.

Love can also be pain for some because they fall in love with someone who doesn't reciprocate the feeling, or someone who wants nothing to do with them. People can't help who they fall in love with. Thats what makes the feeling such a cold hearted bastard. It doesn't give a shit, it just tells you "Hey, see that girl? Whenever you see her, I'm going to make you feel all funny, and make you anxious when ever your around her." Which is such a dick move, but it can't be helped.

I'm not trying to take all the romance out of love and boil it down to an equation or anything. I believe in love, and as much as I wish I didn't, I believe in love at first sight. What I think about it and what I feel about it have about as much in common as a mallard and prom night dumpster baby. I THINK its creepy to suggest that you fell in love with someone when you first saw them. Its shallow because you don't know anything of their personality, however I FEEL that we as humans pick up on things without even knowing what they are. It could be body language, or just something about them that we sense without knowing.

Example: There is this girl I know, and I have felt strange about her ever since we first met. She looked just like another person, but at the same time, she didn't. I can't explain it, but something I noticed about her was that every once in a while, she would touch something. Like not accidentaly, she would touch something, and feel it for a moment. Of course, you wouldn't notice because she would do it every so often while she was talking to people or doing something. I kinda felt like a freak because I don't know why I noticed it and I didn't know why I liked it. (Not "like", as in "Oh that makes me so hot, lets bone!" you pervs >:/) There was just something about it.

Of course, because I have the backbone of a worm, I didn't talk to her about how I felt, and thats kinda what sucks the most. My inabitions are a constant bother when it comes to things like this. XP

But (And this is the most important part!) Life goes on. I have had chances in the past to try and do something about it, and I've let them slip away. A lesson was learned, and I hope that one day I will have the oportunity to go where I couldn't before, but until then, I won't let it get me down. Sure, I may have an off day here and there, but thats normal.

The point is that life goes on. I think this is what we all tend to forget when things look like shit. 

I'm not sure what the purpous of life is, but to me, its not to fall in love. Falling in love is just one of the best perks.

Another thing to remember is that love is a gamble. There is a chance that the other may not feel the same way. This is something we must try to remember, but not dwell on. Being prepared is half the battle. And if it turns out that thats the way it is, then at least you tried. And you have to respect their wishes, otherwise you'll be a creepy stalker, and they suck big basket balls.

So to all of those in love, I say go for it! For those who have found love, hope you have spent a beautiful day together, and to all those who are single, don't give up, because giving up is for pussys.

As for me, I'll just be eating my boxed lunch alone at the Y. And you know what? I don't mind terribly. :3



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Fucked up dream
wtf fox

In my dream, I was in a skateboarding competition with Hulk Hogan. I suck at skateboaring, so naturally I lost, but I didn't leave, because apparently I went into the competition for a bet. If I won, then everyone was allowed to use the skate park. If I lost, then only Hogan could use it. I was ashamed at my defeat, but I refused to leave. And I just kept trying to do tricks on a half-pipe, and kept falling, and Hulk Hogan was like "wtf?!" So anyways, he just gave up and said we could have the park, so even though we lost, we still won. Woo!

Then, after the competition, We were all in a hotel, and lots of People from Howloween were there, and I opened up Drew's door to his room, and then his cat Evil escaped and then I had to track him down all throughout the hotel. He scratched the shit out of the wallpaper, before I got him, and then I took him back. Then the power went out and then the crew from futurama showed up. Can't remember much after that... :/


Home in 4 days!!
wtf fox
For those of you who do not know, my job takes me over 2000km away from home, into the bleak and lonely Northern Alberta, and I'm up here for 2 weeks at a time, so you'd be pretty excited to be able to go home too!

Can't wait to see my friends, and hang out and sleep in MY OWN BED! It'll be a dream come true. <3


Pretty excited to start getting totally studly and buff for summer. Haha, alright, I'm not going to go crazy, I just wanna shed a few pounds, and  be healthier for the sake of being able to do cool things like hiking long distance, rock climbing and other really fun stuff. I'm actually thinking about taking up mountain biking, but first I really REALLY want to try surfing, as it looks fun, and I live an hour away from Tofino, so why not, right?

Being healthier also means quitting smoking, which will be awesome, because its crazy expensive. And smoking doesn't do anything good for you, so WOO! No Smoking! Yay!

I've also been really wanting to check out this bungee jumping place thats not too far from home. A friend showed me some video's and it looks super fun, and scary. However the one downside is that it costs 100 bones to jump. Why a hundred dollars to fall off a bridge with an elastic band tied to my feet? I could go to the lake and go cliff diving for free! I dunno, something to think about.

A friend of mine wants me to join his text based RP, and I just might do it. Its a great storyline and it seems like it would be god fun, and good practice for the writings. If I do, I'll post em here. :3

Umm, I just started doing art trades on, and so far I've done 4. Looking to do more, but I need to post some artwork up here before I start advertising trades and requests.
I have been trying to draw someones fursona, and its been tough. Her  fursona is a raptor/dhole hybrid, and I can't seem to bring myself to step outside the norm for the anatomy of the creature. I'm going to keep trying, as I really want to make her something that she will really like.

Oh! I had tro pee in a cup, and blow on a breathalyzer for my job, after I got off the plane when I came up here. You know what the guy said to me?

"You... are not stoned."

Of course I wasn't fucking stoned. I quit months ago!

When we first walked in, I asked my supervisor "What if I can't pee?" Because I was worried they would hook me up to a vacuum or something. He said rto not worry about it.
The test guy came out and asked us which one had to pee. No one said anything, they kinda just shrugged, so I turned to him with a smile on my face.
"I might be able to squeeze out a few drops for you, if your gentle."

Clearly, there is no such thing as humor from this guys homeworld. >.>

Needless to say, I peed in a cup for the very first time, and after I handed my cup to the test guy, my life suddenly didn't seem so bad.

Was driving down the road last night when I saw some things in the middle of the road. I slowed down and drove past, and what I saw nearly tore my heart in half. There was a wolf lying on the middle of the road,  and standing on the side of the road was another wolf, just staring. The wolf on the road had only been hit moments before, but what dead on impact.

I was pretty angry, because whoever hit the wolf didn't even make an attempt to stop.
I wanted to pull the body of the wolf off the road, in hopes to keep the other wolves off the road, but a car was coming up behind us fast, and because of the snowbanks, there was no where to pull over, and people drive over 100km/h on this highway, even if its covered in snow and ice. Fucking maniacs...

I'm not upset just because it was a wolf. I hate to see any animal that was hit by a car. I hit a deer about a month ago, and I still think about it. Like the wolf, the deer was killed on impact, and did a bit of damage to my jeep, but I was more concerned about the deer. I also hit a raccoon once, but he survived. It was the middle of the night, and I was driving home when it happened. when I saw it, I decided to swerve, as the road conditions were optimal, and i could have recovered if the vehicle lost control, plus I was only going 50. If I hadn't swerved, the raccoon would have been crushed by my tires. As the raccoon disappeared from my sight, I heard a soft thump and I slammed on my brakes, and parked the vehicle. As I got out, I thought I had killed the poor raccoon, but as I neared, it hopped up and ran off like a bat out of hell. I inspected the area, there was no blood, and the raccoon was not limping, so I believe he was alright.

I guess as long as there are motorists, there will always be the chance.

Anyways, nearing the end of my shift, should sign off and start cleaning up before shift change.

thanks for reading. Sorry if it was depressing. :3


People and Characters I Admire
Alright, to avoid having another smoke, I did what the quitting pamphlet told me to do, and think about something else. I started thinking about people and characters I admire, and I'd like to share a few of them that came to mind.

So, number 1, we have...

Constable Fraser from Due South. Reasons why I admire him:

He is polite, charming, has a kick ass uniform, knows how to kayak, lived in the Yukon and has awesome survival skills. He is always optimistic and never hesitates to help someone who needs it. He also took in a wolf that rescued him when he fell through some ice. As a result, the wolf became deaf after his ear drums burst from the cold. He is sweet, remembers people's names, and has a strong sense of duty.

Come on! Look at that face! Totally have a bro-crush on this guy. XD

Next we've got...

Vyvyan from The Young Ones. Reasons why I admire him:

Well, this character is quite the opposite of Fraser from Due South, however I think my admiration is attributed to my childhood. I remember after watching Robocop 3 with the splatter punks, I thought it would be so bad ass to be a punk. I couldn't describe it then, but looking back on it now, I think it was most likely the fact that punks have that attitude, where they just don't give a shit. They do what they want, when they want. I think with the way I  am,I wouldn't make a very good punk, but if anything, I admire the fact that this character remains true to what he is, and lives with that attitude of not caring what others think in the extreme. And the fact that he is totally bad ass is good too.

And now we have...

Ranger Dan from the Raccoons. He doesn't appear very much in the show, but here are the reasons why I admire him:

He is kind of what I want to be when I am older and have a family. He works as a Forest Ranger, and has a kick ass cabin in the woods. He always looks tired, because he's probably pulling long days working, but he is always smiling, and you can tell he is content with his life. He is always telling stories about the forest to his kids, and just seems like a stand up dad.
I could never imagine raising kids in a city. If I ever become a dad, we would have a house either in a small town, or outside of a small town.
Now, having a family and a home and all that stuff is way way in the future for me, but if I ever do get to that point in my life, I hope I'm like this guy.

And last, but certainly not least...

Dr. Herbert West from H.P Lovecraft's Re-Animator series. Reasons:

I could never look as cool in glasses like those. Also, he is very intelligent, and can outwit just about anyone. I mean, he discovered a way to bring dead people to life! He rocks the white collar shirt and black tie like nobody's business. He is also charismatic enough to manipulate people. Is not really  something I admire, but I think it makes him on of the most bad ass nerds the world has ever seen. He is right up there  with Otacon and Stephen Hawking. Plus his last installment featured one of the GREATEST SONGS IN THE WORLD! It was called "Move Your Dead Bones". Go download it now if  you don't have it.

So yeah, these are just a few that instantly came to mind. And now I don't want to have a smoke! Success!!


Introduction is required, me thinks. >.>
Me. >.> This is me, and I am TJ...
My home. This is where I live. The town sucks, but the area around it is enough to give David Suzuki a hard on...

Some friends This is actual proof that I do have friends, and a life beyond my computer...

best friend And this is my super awesome best friend. I currently reside in her basement. She is the kind of friend who would help you bury someone you accidentally hit while driving home from a Canuck's game, tripping balls on acid and pop rocks. She is also  the one who took all the sweet pictures.

Oh, and I'm a furry. If you are unaware, or only know them by watching the CSI episode, check this shit out. It saves me from having to explain it.

So, lets recap:
I'm TJ, I'm in my 20's, I live in a somewhat cool place, have some pretty fucking sweet friends, and despite being totally shy around the ladies, I live with one, with rocking red hair. I am a furfag, my species is the cunning Red Fox, and just for the record, I don't hump stuffed animals. Just wanted to make that one clear. >.>

Not to judge or anything, its just not MY thing, you know?

And you are either a mindless media driven zombie caught up in the worlds latest bullshit trends, or just someone who is looking through people's live journals, and somehow came across mine. Your probably the second one, so good for you! :3

So many of you (Many... HA!) may be wondering what I plan to do with this wonderful piece of Live Journal. Well, I plan on using this to just share thoughts and ideas, as well as anything else that comes into my brainy wainy.

Um... So yeah, I guess that just about does it for my introduction. There is a lot of stuff that I left out, but you'll learn sooner or later if you end up reading this on a weekly basis.

Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come back and read some more. But more importantly, I hope you won't spend too much time on the computer and go out and do something.


"The call of the wild is long distance, and roaming charges may apply."
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