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Introduction is required, me thinks. >.>
Me. >.> This is me, and I am TJ...
My home. This is where I live. The town sucks, but the area around it is enough to give David Suzuki a hard on...

Some friends This is actual proof that I do have friends, and a life beyond my computer...

best friend And this is my super awesome best friend. I currently reside in her basement. She is the kind of friend who would help you bury someone you accidentally hit while driving home from a Canuck's game, tripping balls on acid and pop rocks. She is also  the one who took all the sweet pictures.

Oh, and I'm a furry. If you are unaware, or only know them by watching the CSI episode, check this shit out. It saves me from having to explain it.

So, lets recap:
I'm TJ, I'm in my 20's, I live in a somewhat cool place, have some pretty fucking sweet friends, and despite being totally shy around the ladies, I live with one, with rocking red hair. I am a furfag, my species is the cunning Red Fox, and just for the record, I don't hump stuffed animals. Just wanted to make that one clear. >.>

Not to judge or anything, its just not MY thing, you know?

And you are either a mindless media driven zombie caught up in the worlds latest bullshit trends, or just someone who is looking through people's live journals, and somehow came across mine. Your probably the second one, so good for you! :3

So many of you (Many... HA!) may be wondering what I plan to do with this wonderful piece of Live Journal. Well, I plan on using this to just share thoughts and ideas, as well as anything else that comes into my brainy wainy.

Um... So yeah, I guess that just about does it for my introduction. There is a lot of stuff that I left out, but you'll learn sooner or later if you end up reading this on a weekly basis.

Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come back and read some more. But more importantly, I hope you won't spend too much time on the computer and go out and do something.


"The call of the wild is long distance, and roaming charges may apply."
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