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Fucked up dream
wtf fox

In my dream, I was in a skateboarding competition with Hulk Hogan. I suck at skateboaring, so naturally I lost, but I didn't leave, because apparently I went into the competition for a bet. If I won, then everyone was allowed to use the skate park. If I lost, then only Hogan could use it. I was ashamed at my defeat, but I refused to leave. And I just kept trying to do tricks on a half-pipe, and kept falling, and Hulk Hogan was like "wtf?!" So anyways, he just gave up and said we could have the park, so even though we lost, we still won. Woo!

Then, after the competition, We were all in a hotel, and lots of People from Howloween were there, and I opened up Drew's door to his room, and then his cat Evil escaped and then I had to track him down all throughout the hotel. He scratched the shit out of the wallpaper, before I got him, and then I took him back. Then the power went out and then the crew from futurama showed up. Can't remember much after that... :/


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congratulations on the dream, my friend. it sounds truly epic. and although you lost in your dream, don't take it to heart - if it happened in real life i have a feeling no skateboard made by man would support hulk hogan, let alone be strong enough to carry him through a skateboard competition. undoubtedly, you would win. :)

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