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People and Characters I Admire
Alright, to avoid having another smoke, I did what the quitting pamphlet told me to do, and think about something else. I started thinking about people and characters I admire, and I'd like to share a few of them that came to mind.

So, number 1, we have...

Constable Fraser from Due South. Reasons why I admire him:

He is polite, charming, has a kick ass uniform, knows how to kayak, lived in the Yukon and has awesome survival skills. He is always optimistic and never hesitates to help someone who needs it. He also took in a wolf that rescued him when he fell through some ice. As a result, the wolf became deaf after his ear drums burst from the cold. He is sweet, remembers people's names, and has a strong sense of duty.

Come on! Look at that face! Totally have a bro-crush on this guy. XD

Next we've got...

Vyvyan from The Young Ones. Reasons why I admire him:

Well, this character is quite the opposite of Fraser from Due South, however I think my admiration is attributed to my childhood. I remember after watching Robocop 3 with the splatter punks, I thought it would be so bad ass to be a punk. I couldn't describe it then, but looking back on it now, I think it was most likely the fact that punks have that attitude, where they just don't give a shit. They do what they want, when they want. I think with the way I  am,I wouldn't make a very good punk, but if anything, I admire the fact that this character remains true to what he is, and lives with that attitude of not caring what others think in the extreme. And the fact that he is totally bad ass is good too.

And now we have...

Ranger Dan from the Raccoons. He doesn't appear very much in the show, but here are the reasons why I admire him:

He is kind of what I want to be when I am older and have a family. He works as a Forest Ranger, and has a kick ass cabin in the woods. He always looks tired, because he's probably pulling long days working, but he is always smiling, and you can tell he is content with his life. He is always telling stories about the forest to his kids, and just seems like a stand up dad.
I could never imagine raising kids in a city. If I ever become a dad, we would have a house either in a small town, or outside of a small town.
Now, having a family and a home and all that stuff is way way in the future for me, but if I ever do get to that point in my life, I hope I'm like this guy.

And last, but certainly not least...

Dr. Herbert West from H.P Lovecraft's Re-Animator series. Reasons:

I could never look as cool in glasses like those. Also, he is very intelligent, and can outwit just about anyone. I mean, he discovered a way to bring dead people to life! He rocks the white collar shirt and black tie like nobody's business. He is also charismatic enough to manipulate people. Is not really  something I admire, but I think it makes him on of the most bad ass nerds the world has ever seen. He is right up there  with Otacon and Stephen Hawking. Plus his last installment featured one of the GREATEST SONGS IN THE WORLD! It was called "Move Your Dead Bones". Go download it now if  you don't have it.

So yeah, these are just a few that instantly came to mind. And now I don't want to have a smoke! Success!!



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